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Devour $DPAY

Built for Commerce! Exclusive Payment & Rewards Token for DevourGO!

Devour $DPAY

A token built for commerce! DevourGO's Exclusive Payment & Rewards Token


Building the future of dining for the next generation.

Restaurants help create connections, communities, and experiences that flavor our lives. Unlocking the power of web3 enables an instant, engaging and communal guest experience. We create meaningful connections for the next generation through food.

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Devour (DPAY)


August 30, 2022




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Contract Address: 0xE5A733681bbE6cd8c764Bb8078ef8E13a576Dd78

our focus

Platform, products and services to help restaurants attract the next generation!


DevourGO is the platform with food ordering for delivery & pick-up now. On-premise, priority waitlist, premium reservations and metaverse ordering coming soon.

Devour $DPAY Token

Pay for DevourGO orders, earn with GOVIP and get rewarded with DPAYBack on DevourGO orders. Token built for commerce!

Industry Pass

Join the Industry, the DevourGO membership loaded with benefits, including $0 delivery fees.

Digital Collectibles

Token-gated ordering, experiences and marketing campaigns. Connect with the digital generations where they are!

Embedded Wallet Technology

We believe that for web3 to realize its true potential, it has to be easy for all users. 

Metaverse Ordering

Putting ordering and brand experience into next-gen channels. Stay tuned for metaverse ordering.

$0 Delivery Fees (3)
Membership perks

The Industry Pass

$0 Delivery Fees

Holders of the Industry Pass pay $0 delivery fees on all DevourGO orders. 

$10 Monthly DPAY Rewards

On the 1st of every month, registered users of DevourGO holding a Industry Pass receive $10 per pass in DPAY directly in their DevourGO account.

5% DPAYBack

Our DPAYBack program rewards users of DPAY and holders of the Industry Pass with DPAY on all DevourGO orders. 5% of orders are automatically added to your DevourGO account at the time of order.

Unlock GoVIP Level 4

GoVIP is DevourGO's loyalty and rewards program. Spin, Share, Order & Play to earn points, level up your account and be rewarded with crypto, NFT loot boxes, trips and other prizes. The Industry Pass unlocks level 4 and beyond in GoVIP.

Exclusive Promotions

Holders of an Industry Pass will have access to exclusive promotions and experiences from Devour and its restaurant partners!

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Collaborating with restaurant brands, consumer brands, web3 communities, gaming, metaverse and the sports industry to feed the future!

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