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Devour, a Web3 company, and digital community, has just launched the first-to-market web3 food ordering & delivery marketplace, DevourGO. The platform allows you to pay for food with crypto and unlock promotions and exclusive items with your NFTs or digital collectibles. For now, the service is live in NYC, but expanding nationally soon.

Its creators strive towards building a community that knows web3 is important to the future of hospitality. “DevourGO was built by people in the restaurant field! We are obsessed with creating delicious real-world utility for your web3 assets,” says Shelly Rupel, Devour’s CEO. 

The platform transforms something as mundane as ordering food into a modern and palatable experience ready to satisfy any appetite. Unlike traditional food delivery apps, DevourGO allows you to gain crypto with every meal you order, bypass delivery fees, play-to-earn with web3 assets, and access VIP-limited benefits.

If you’re hungry for more, here’s what we know so far about this up-and-coming web3 dining service.

DevourGO’s Feature-Rich Menu

DevourGO harnesses all the perks of blockchain technology, packages them into nifty features, and serves them on a platter to its growing digital community. Joining DevourGO will give you access to a unique user experience incorporating fun highlights and rewards, such as:

Eat, Play, and Earn

The platform offers token-gated ordering and welcomes users to its digital community as soon as they sign up for DevourGO. No matter where you are, you can play games, boost your rewards, and unlock exclusive access. Food ordering is live in NYC now and will soon be available all across the U.S.

Additionally, within GoFrens, DevourGO connects members of digital communities from web3, sports and popular consumer brands with restaurant promotions, hidden menu items and VIP experiences. Merchants can put their restaurants on the platform to reach a new generation of fans. 

DPAY – The DevourGO Token

Devour $DPAY is the exclusive payments and rewards token of DevourGO. The token has numerous uses in the DevourGO marketplace, such as paying for food orders or earning rewards through the GoVIP and DPAYBack programs. The latter gives users 5% back when paying for food orders with DPAY and another 5% if they hold a “The Industry” NFT.

The value of DPAY should increase organically as more members and restaurants join DevourGO.

The Industry NFT Collection

The Industry celebrates and recognizes the hard-working professionals in the food industry, with its unique collection of rare NFTs for those who love to be a restaurant VIP. It is a showcase in DevourGO, demonstrating how digital asset ownership can be recognized, rewarded and used to unlock VIP access.

Holding these NFTs comes with several perks. Users can order food without paying delivery fees and even get $10 worth of DPAY monthly. It also unlocks the GoVIP Play-2-Earn Level 4 and beyond, enabling you to win crypto, prizes, loot boxes, and other rewards.

GoVIP Loyalty Program

The GoVIP loyalty program lets users spin, share and play their way through twelve levels of exciting prizes and rewards. Leveling up in GoVIP rewards users with DPAY, exclusive promo NFTs, and access to further games and content. At each level users earn valuable promos, merchandise and NFT lootboxes that can contain luxurious rewards like VR Kits and fantasy trips.

Giving Back to the Restaurant Community

Behind DevourGO is a team of experienced professionals from the restaurant technology industry committed to establishing a place for restaurants in the lucrative web3 economy. This revolution is underway, and hospitality companies will profit by tapping into new ways to engage digitally savvy guests.

In the post-pandemic era, digital communities are increasingly crucial in people’s lives. Food delivery and pick-up is one real world experience that can benefit from blockchain technology. DevourGO enables restaurants to connect with members of  these communities and is carving out the future of web3 dining.

About Devour

Devour aims to be a trendsetting company fusing technological innovations like blockchain, NFTs, and crypto to provide real-world services to expanding digital communities. The company is emerging in an increasingly web3-dominated environment and reshaping tomorrow’s dining economy.


You can learn more about Devour and DevourGO at these links: Devour website | DevourGO Marketplace | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn