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DG-PizzaDAO -- Bitcoin Pizza Day (1024 × 1024 px) (1600 × 900 px)

Join us in honoring Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22nd! In present value, Laszlo Hanyecz spent a few hundred million dollars on 2 large pizzas. 

Holders of Industry Pass will get free pizza (up to $25) when ordering on DevourGO the day of the event. Also recognizing collectible holders from the PizzaDAO partnering communities.

In Chicago? Join us for a  IRL Pizza Party at ImNotArt NFT Gallery! Monday May 22nd 6pm-9pm CST.

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The Industry Pass

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$0 Delivery Fees

Holders of the Industry Pass pay $0 delivery fees on all DevourGO orders. 

$10 Monthly DPAY Rewards

On the 1st of every month, registered users of DevourGO holding a Industry Pass receive $10 per pass in DPAY directly in their DevourGO account.

5% DPAYBack

Our DPAYBack program rewards users of DPAY and holders of the Industry Pass with DPAY on all DevourGO orders. 5% of orders are automatically added to your DevourGO account at the time of order.

Unlock GoVIP Level 4

GoVIP is DevourGO's loyalty and rewards program. Spin, Share, Order & Play to earn points, level up your account and be rewarded with crypto, NFT loot boxes, trips and other prizes. The Industry Pass unlocks level 4 and beyond in GoVIP.

Exclusive Promotions

Holders of an Industry Pass will have access to exclusive promotions and experiences from Devour and its restaurant partners!

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