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Erich’s Experience:

Erich Nachbar is an seasoned technology executive with a demonstrated track record of spearheading innovation and driving growth. As the Chief Technology Officer at Devour, Erich brings a wealth of experience, having served as the founder of Velum and a member of engineering management at both X, the Moonshot Factory, and Google.


Throughout his career, Erich has been instrumental in constructing large-scale data processing systems, assembling and leading world-class engineering teams, and delivering impactful solutions across diverse sectors, including telecom, social networking, and media advertising.


We are honored to have Erich as a key member of our leadership team, and we are excited to leverage his extensive experience and innovative development approach to push the boundaries of AI and web3 technologies within the DevourGO platform. His visionary leadership will play a pivotal role in advancing our technological capabilities and driving the next phase of growth for Devour.